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How to resolve NTFS Partitions Problems

ntfs-partitions The first sector of NTFS partitions is used as the partition boot sector. It contains the information which allows the OS to read the partition. Without it, the partition cannot be accessed.

NTFS has a backup copy of the boot sector on the last sector of the partition which can allow recovery programs to restore it. The FAT also has the boot sector, and resides on the first sector of …

NTFS File System Frequently Asked Questions Part I

Q: Is the boot limitation for NTFS still 7.87GB?

A: No. NTFS volume size limit is 2TB.

Q: Where can I get a lot of details about the NTFS encryption and security ?

A: Security (NTFS) and Encryption (NTFS,NTFS5) are wide topics.

You can get a lot of information about it on Microsoft’s MSDN Web Site (http://msdn.microsoft.com)

Security Topics: File Security and Access Rights

Encryption Topics: File Encryption , Encryption, …

NTFS File System Frequently Asked Questions Part II

Q: Is it possible to convert a FAT32 Hard Drive to NTFS without losing all data on the drive? I like to change from FAT32 to NTFS, my operating system is Windows XP PRO, how can I do that? Without the lost of my programs?

A: Standard Windows utility that is called CONVERT serves this purpose

Just go to the Command Prompt and execute the command:

C:\> CONVERT C: /fs:ntfs…

How NTFS File System Works: NTFS Physical Structure

The following information describes how clusters and sectors are organized on an NTFS volume, how the boot sector on the volume determines the file system, and how the Master File Table (MFT) organizes structures on the volume.

Clusters and Sectors on an NTFS Volume

A cluster (or allocation unit) is the smallest amount of disk space that can be allocated to hold a file. All file systems used by Windows …

How NTFS File System Works: NTFS Architecture

NTFS File System A file system is a required part of the operating system that determines how files are named, stored, and organized on a volume. A file system manages files and folders, and the information needed to locate and access these items by local and remote users.

During the format of a volume you can choose the type of file system for the volume. When you choose the NTFS file system, the …

Identifying FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS File Systems and partitions

File systems How can I tell what type of file system (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS) my drive is formatted in?

To identify what type of file system the drive is formatted in:

Click on the Start button and select Computer if using Windows Vista, My Computer if using Windows XP or 2000, or Windows Explorer if using Windows Me or 98. Right-click on the drive letter you want to check. Click on the…