Can I boot my computer from SCSI drive?

SCSI Drive Will my new SCSI drive boot my computer? or error message:


The drive will need to be partitioned and formatted for your computer’s operating system before it can be used as the boot drive. Follow the instructions in the operating system or computer manual for installing a new hard drive and loading the operating system.

SCSI boots from BIOS. Most SCSI controllers feature on-board ROM BIOS to controll the disk drive. Older SCSI controllers may use jumpers or a start up disk to access BIOS. Enable SCSI BIOS for the active partition, C:\, to be recognized. Using more than one SCSI controller? Choose only one to start up. Typically only one active partition is allowed each drive. If BIOS has support for removable disks as hard drives, choose:All Disks. Consult your SCSI controller or system guides.