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CBL Data Recovery About CBL Data Recovery:

CBL was founded in 1993 as a hard drive repair center for distributors and OEMs. Two years later, data recovery services constituted the largest segment of revenue growth. At the end of 1995, CBL Technologies officially became CBL Data Recovery With over 15 years of data recovery service experience, and more than 140,000 completed recovery cases, CBL has the knowledge and resources to quickly identify hard drive failures and implement a successful data recovery solution.

CBL Data Recovery is a leading top-tier provider of data recovery services for failed hard disk drives in laptops, desktops, servers, RAID arrays and tape cartridges. Industry leading technologies, coupled with ongoing research and development, enables CBL to offer the fastest and most efficient ways to retrieve lost information.

Recommended by manufacturers, CBL’s hard drive recovery services are warranty safe and backed by the industry’s first ‘No Data, No Charge‘ service guarantee.

Why choose CBL Data Recovery Services:

Fast, Secure & Confidential Data Recovery;
Free Data Recovery Service Evaluation;
No Data, No Charge Data Recovery Guarantee;
Industry Leading Customer Service with Highly Trained Staff;
90% Data Recovery Success Rate;
No Hidden Fees;
No Flat Rate Fees;
Worldwide Data Recovery Facilities;
Recommended By Major Hard Drive Manufacturers and OEMs;

CBL Data Recovery Services:

As full service data recovery provider, CBL offers support for laptops and notebooks, desktop systems, RAIDs and Servers and data acquisition services. CBL provides a full continuum of services to support. Our key offerings include:

  • In-Lab Data Recovery Services for physically damaged hard drives requiring dust free clean room environment minimizing any further contamination to the platter surfaces.
  • Data Recovery Software to assist end-users directly with their own data recovery needs. CBL Pro-V is recognized as a top seller and comes with a fully functional trial version so users can be assured the information they require is recoverable before they register the product.
  • RAID and Server Data Recovery covering all areas of multiple drive servers. CBL’s continuous research into RAID algorithms ensures that even the newest systems are supported and CBL can provide the fastest data recovery turnaround time possible.
  • Data Acquisition and Forensic services designed to assist law enforcement agencies in securing critical files. CBL can also work in conjunction with an agency’s high-tech crime staff to develop policies and procedures regarding the handling of electronic evidence, and provide hands-on data recovery training.
  • Emergency Data Recovery Options to provide customers with recovery results as soon as possible. CBL’s Emergency services can handle everything from large RAID and multi-disk servers to failed laptops. FTP download of recovered data also is available to enable your business to get on track right away.

Customer Reviews:

“Business is not just about dollars, but helping people, and you folks have shown that to the highest level.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending CBL to other customers in a similar situation, we would certainly use CBL’s services in the future but we just hope we never have to speak with them again. We really don’t aspire to be a repeat customer.”

Website: http://www.cbldatarecovery.com/data-recovery-services/

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