DeepSpar Data Recovery


About DeepSpar Data Recovery:

DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems is an Ottawa, Canada-based company dedicated to providing “serious gear for data recovery professionals”.

DeepSpar was founded on a partnership with ACE Laboratory Russia to market the PC-3000 family of products in North America. With more than 16 years of successful data recovery engineering experience, engineers of ACE Laboratory have built data recovery tools that are being used by hundreds of data recovery companies worldwide.

DeepSpar Data Recovery Tools:

DeepSpar builds and distributes PDR tools that pass the PDR Certified™ test. They include DeepSpar Disk Imager 3 and the PC-3000 family. Ninety percent of all PDR companies use one or all of these DeepSpar PDR Certified™ tools.

PC-3000 for Windows UDMA
A set of industrial-strength tools developed by ACE Laboratory Russia and brought to you by DeepSpar. Diagnose and fix drive-level firmware failures, as well as some electronic issues, for almost any drive. 8 out of 10 medium and large data recovery companies use PC-3000.

With PC-3000 for Windows UDMA, you can bring more drives back to life before you begin imaging and data retrieval.

PC-3000 Data Extractor
A software add-on to the PC-3000 system developed by ACE Laboratory Russia and brought to you by DeepSpar. PC-3000 Data Extractor diagnoses and fixes file system issues so you can get to your client’s data.

DeepSpar Disk Imager
This product, developed by DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems, is the first dedicated hard drive imaging device built specifically for data recovery, to handle disk-level problems. Dramatically improve imaging speed, accuracy, and integrity of retrieved data with DeepSpar Disk Imager.

PC-3000 Flash
PC-3000 Flash is a standalone hardware and software suite for recovering data from flash based storage devices like SD cards, USB sticks, SSD, etc.

Customer Reviews:

“I’ve been using the DeepSpar Disk Imager hardware for the past 2 months now and have found it to be the perfect launching pad for my data recovery business.”

“My DeepSpar Disk Imager once again gets all the data from a drive that the BIOS wouldn’t even recognize.”