Internal Error 2

Maxtor Manager program is showing Internal Error 2 and a red “M” icon indicating backup failure when to backup OneTouch III drive.  What is wrong?

This error generally appears in the OneTouch III Maxtor Backup log in the different Windows operating systems.  The “M” icon in the System Tray turns red, and it says that the backup has failed.

It is always referring to a file that is open or in use.  Most of the time, that refers to the Program Files of the Windows operating system, which is a folder located in the C: drive.
Most people choose to use Maxtor Backup to attempt to backup the entire contents of the C: drive, which is the boot drive of your Windows computer.  The Maxtor Backup, however, is not made to backup the Program Files and certain other files and folders successfully.

Thus, when you choose the Program Files as a folder to be backed up, you will sometimes see this message because of your anti-virus programs and the like.


  • Close all files that are giving you this error and/or that are open during the backup, then try the backup again, and
  • Close down all anti-virus software during the running of the backup, or
  • Simply choose to backup only your data files, not the entire C: drive. Remember that Maxtor Backup is only meant to be a data backup, meaning your documents, photos, videos, music, etc.  It is not meant to backup the entire operating system or to make a mirror image of your drive, or
  • To make a full clone or image of your hard drive, see about using discwizard.