Seagate Malfunctions (Barracuda IV, V and 7200.7)

A very common flaw is disruption of protective diode along the +12V circuit and resulting outage of the computer power supply unit. In that case the external look of that component does not allow identification of the damage, because its case remains unaffected. An attempt to connect a drive so damaged to an operable power supply for diagnostics will most likely result in breakdown of the latter. Therefore if such a drive is brought for repair then first of all you should probe the 0 and +12 V circuit with a regular tester to check for a short circuit.

The protective diode originally designed using the “transil” technology at SGS Thomson is intended for protection of electronic circuitry from short power supply peaks not greater than 10 – 20 microseconds. But in that case their common failures demonstrate that HDD designers did not expect to encounter so poor quality of power supply units. Thus drive operation can be resumed after simple removal of that damaged element from its circuits but we cannot guarantee flawless HDD operation without that component.