Slow transfer rates from my USB 2.0 drive in Windows

USB 2.0 Hard Drive A USB 2.0 drive appears to be performing slow data transfers.

The drive may be running at USB 1.1 speeds.

Make sure that your system is configured to control the drive under the USB 2.0 specification.

  • Verify that you have a USB 2.0 host adapter or motherboard.
  • If the motherboard has embedded USB 2.0 ports, be sure the drive is connected to the USB 2.0 ports. Some motherboards have 1.1 ports in one area and 2.0 ports in another (they look the same).
  • Contact the motherboard or host adapter manufacturer to verify that the proper USB 2.0 controller drivers are loaded correctly.

Note: If you’ve checked with your motherboard or computer manufacturer, and have found that you only have USB 1.1 capability, you will need to install a USB 2.0 compliant PCI card (desktops), or a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card (laptops) in order to get USB 2.0 transfer rates.