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Top 6 Free Hard Drive Diagnostic Softwares

Free hard drive diagnostic software There are many free hard drive diagnostic softwares available to help you determine what, if anything, is wrong when you suspect there may be a problem with a hard drive.

Some of these diagnostics tools may be built in to your operating system already while others are available from hard drive manufacturers.

1. Seagate SeaTools Seagate SeaTools is free hard drive testing software that comes in two forms for home …

Hard drive diagnostic software: WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics CD/Floppy Disk

Data Lifeguard Diagnostics CD/Floppy disk

The Data Lifeguard Diagnostic softwares are used primarily for determining the physical condition of your hard drive. If you are having computer problems which you suspect are hard drive related, you can test your drive with this software. This diagnostic software is designed for hard drives larger than 8.4 GB with the model number starting with WDxxx.

Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (CD) Version: Version 5.04f Publish Date: Oct, 2008…

FreeAgent Pro Tools Utilities – Performing Drive Diagnostics

How to check the health of my FreeAgent drive?

FreeAgent You should run a diagnostic on your drive regularly as part of general maintenance. A health check determines hard disk integrity and can help troubleshoot potential problems with disk surface, partitioning, and drive recognition. To run a drive diagnostic:

Close all open files located on the FreeAgent drive. Open the Seagate FreeAgent Tools application. Click Utilities in the Command panel. The…

Free Hard Disk Drive Diagnostic Utility For Samsung Hard Drive

Samsung Free Hdd Diagnostic Tool Note: The following free hard disk drive utilities and diagnostic tools are only for Samsung Hard Disk Drives. Using any of these utilities on a hard disk drive that was not manufactured by Samsung will have adverse effects on that hard disk drive.

Hardware Utilities

Disk Manager provides support for Dynamic Drive Overlay, which will allow older BIOSes to support large-capacity hard drives. Disk Manager can also partition the drive. …

Low-level Hard Drive Diagnostics Freeware: MHDD

MHDD is the most popular freeware application for low-level HDD diagnostics.

MHDD Interfaces Supported: MHDD supports these interfaces: IDE, Serial ATA, SCSI. Also there is a possibility to access an USB storage, there are drivers for emulation (USB->SCSI).

What can MHDD do? This software can make precise diagnostic of the mechanical part of a drive, view SMART attributes, perform Low-level format, bad sector repair, different tests and tens of other functions.…

Hard drive diagnostic software:Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics

Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic is free hard drive testing software designed for Western Digital branded hard drives. Data Lifeguard Diagnostic will also run diagnostics on hard drives from other manufacturers as long as the primary drive is Western Digital.

The Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic software installs on Windows operating systems and allows for a number of hard drive tests. See the installation instructions from Western Digital in the …