The BlackArmor Recovery CD boots to a dark or barely readable screen

BlackArmor Recovery CD Some video cards and monitors may not correctly display the BlackArmor recovery interface.   Some issues that have been observed are noted below, in some cases temporarily switching to a different monitor helps resolve the issue, in other cases it may be necessary to download a new CD image that has different display settings or drivers that will work with certain video cards.


If you are using an affected monitor, temporarily switch to a different monitor to perform the restore.

ViewSonic model VX2835 WM display

Characters and buttons are nearly black and not readable.

Videos cards:

If you are using an affected monitor, please contact technical support via our web form to receive an updated CD image.  Be sure to include the brand and model of your video card.

Intel(R) 82845G Graphics Controller

Colors are negative images and may be difficult to read.