The Sorts of Data Recovery

Category 1 data recovery does not require clean room procedures. Typically, formatted hard drives, deleted files, data copy or transfer to a new hard drive, deleted, damaged or corrupt partition structure, virus or spyware infections, when your computer keeps rebooting, after power surges and outages fall into this category. Category 1 data recovery prices start at $299 and always costs less than $500. Basically, if your hard drive is recognized by the system but you cannot locate or access files you are looking at a category 1 data recovery.

Category 2 data recovery does not involve opening your hard drive but does require specialized equipment to rewrite firmware, modules and recalibrate or program your hard drive in order to get it reading so we can extract your files. In many cases it is necessary to perform low level access of your drive to gain access to your files. Pricing for Category 2 data recovery typically runs between $499 and will never exceed $999. Category 2 data recovery is often required when your drive shows up corrupt, some clicking, incorrect drive size, n40p, Athena, a model number only, Maxtor, ROMULUS, RIGEL, NIKE, PROXIMA, etc.

Category 3 data recovery involves some cleanroom procedures to access your hard drive and recover your data. Recovery may involve removing stuck heads from platter surfaces, realigning heads, cleaning platter surfaces, replacing PCB, electronic components and utilizing our imaging equipment to create a sector-by-sector image of your hard drive while bypassing bad areas. Category 3 data recovery procedures are labor intensive and prices start at $999 and are will never exceed $1500.00. You normally need a category 3 or 4 data recovery if your hard drive is clicking, making unusual sounds, not recognized by the system, it isn’t spinning or the heads are stuck on the platters.

Category 4 data recovery requires intensive cleanroom procedures to recover your files. Category 4 data recovery is the most intensive and time consuming and starts at $1379.00. Read heads are replaced, platters may be transplanted (requires high-tech equipment to remount and align properly), internal electronics may need to be replaced, platter surfaces are scratched, scarred or contain multiple head crashes. Platters may be warped from excessive heat or the spindle motor is frozen (often indicated by beeping, buzzing or musical sounds like Mario).