Disklabs Hard Drive Data Recovery

Disklabs Hard Drive Data RecoveryEstablished in 1997, Disklabs Data Recovery have always specialised in storage. Specialising in RAID Data Recovery, Tape Recovery and Data Recovery on all Servers and Exchange Servers. Call 01827 55999.

Hard Drive Data Recovery by the hard drive data recovery experts at Disklabs Hard Drive Data Recovery is at the cutting edge of hard drive recovery technology. Using specialist data recovery hardware and software means that the Client has the maximum chance of retrieving all their data in the fastest possible time thus preventing business disruption. Disklabs Data Recovery operate a No Fix No Fee* policy.

Hard drives are bought, sold, wiped, repaired and data is recovered at 1st Computer Traders Ltd, (1CT). Based in Tamworth, Staffordshire in the UK, 1CT has been repairing hard drives since 1997 and have achieved ISO9001 status, and earned the accreditations of many manufacturers. 1CT holds in excess of 30,000 hard disk drives at any one time, and has special facilities for the test and repair of all them to an exceptional standard, (including Fibre Channel drives). 1CT supply client’s single drives or thousands of drives all around the world. Data Recovery companies are amongst the clients who regularly buy individual drives from 1CT. – Storagesearch.com

Disklabs Hard Drive Data Recovery Services:

Hard Disk Recovery
Disklabs Data Recovery specialise in the recovery of lost data from hard drives and other digital devices. Disklabs Data Recovery have a dedicated team with the expertise to recover files and data from any manufacturer of hard drive.

Raid Data Recovery
Disklabs RAID Data Recovery team specialise and have industry leading experience in recovering data from all RAID arrays, including RAID 5, RAID 1 and RAID 0.

Tape Data Recovery
Disklabs Tape Data Recovery specialise in the recovery of data from tape formats – old or new. Complex problems with tapes are frequently dealt with by our Tape Recovery Team, including read errors, crinkled tapes, unknown tape formats, corrupt backups, re-initialised tapes and overwritten tapes.

Reasons for Choosing Disklabs Data Recovery:

  • Experts within the Data Recovery, Computer Forensics, Data Destruction and Forensic Data Recovery fields.
  • Disklabs Data Recovery only employ highly experienced Data Recovery Experts from around the world. 
  • Disklabs Data Recovery employees have all had years of experience, specialist training and Education in their appropriate fields with a proven track record in corporate organisations or government agencies.
  • Disklabs Data Recovery are responsive and sympathetic to client needs. 
  • Disklabs Data Recovery provide levels of service tailored to the clients requirementsDisklabs Data Recovery provide ongoing support throughout the recovery process.
  • Disklabs Data Recovery have a proven track record of over 10 years of experience providing services to both the Public and Private sectors.
  • Disklabs Data Recovery understand the need to be Confidential. 
  • Disklabs work to our clients requirements and frequently sign Non-Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreements.
    Website: http://www.1ct.com/ (Data recovery in United Kingdom)