Nortek Certified Data Recovery

Nortek Certified Data RecoveryHard disk drive Data Recovery, LTO, DLT backup tape drive repair, Notebook, Laptop, USB hard drive data recovery, DVR, PVR, Nortek in Canada.

Nortek provides expert service with an unrivaled success rate for both our corporate clients and individual customers – from hard disk drives installed in your laptop and desktop to raid arrays in your corporate server. With 25 years of industry experience, ISO 9001:2000 certified in data recovery and four class 100 clean rooms, Nortek is uniquely equipped to recover your data. Highly trained, experienced staff members will manage your account and recover your data while always adhering to our strict quality policy.

Nortek Certified Data Recovery Services:

Tape Drive Repair

Nortek offers state-of-the-art tape drive repair and recovery services for all types of tape drives, including LTO, DLT, DAT, QIC, library and autoloader units, ranging from 4mm to 8mm tapes from individual drives to bulk OEM quantities.

Data Recovery

Leaders in data recovery techniques, Nortek offers data and file recovery services for all operating systems and any storage medium, including tape drives, opticals, desktop and laptop hard disk drives, CD-ROMs or floppy disks,
media cards and usb keys.

Hard Drive Screening, Test and Repair

Problem free hard drive operation is a required asset for companies to thrive within the new millennia. Nortek has established reputable testing procedures within its state of the art facility, which offers clients dependable hard drive screening, testing and repair to all major hard drive types.

Why choose Nortek for Western Digital hard drive data recovery:

If you utilize data recovery services, Western Digital will not void the warranty associated with the disk drive you purchased from a Western Digital reseller or distributor. To retain the warranty status of your drive, you should ensure that the service provider you use provides you with written verification, on its company letterhead, that it has performed data recovery or other services on your hard drive. In all other instances, Western Digital’s warranty is void if a returned disk drive exhibits a defect attributable to misuse or tampering, improper installation, alteration or to other causes as specified in our warranty policy.

“We’ve teamed up with Nortek, our only ISO 9001:2000 certified data recovery partner to provide you with the most comprehensive data recovery services and a 10% discount for being a Western Digital customer.” – Nortek Certified Data Recovery

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