Glossary of Samsung Hard Disk Drive (Letter E, F)

Samsung Hard Disk DriveE Block
component that connects the actuator to the head/slider assemblies

Error Correction Code, detects and correct errors in a data field

Effective Seek Time
The time it takes to seek data, when all/part of the data needed is already stored in the buffer of the drive (speeds up the process)

EIDE (also ATA)
Enhanced Integrated Device Electronics, interface

Embedded Servo
Servo data that is embedded on the media. Allows the actuator to fine-tune the position of the head(s). It is a positioning signal that keeps the read/write heads positioned over the data. The advantage of an embedded servo is that the data can flow without interruptions making the drive suitable for multimedia and AV applications

Electro-static discharge

File Allocation Table

Flux Changes per Inch of data track, equals BPI

permanent instructions and data programmed directly into the circuitry of read-only memory (cannot be erased) for controlling the operation of the computer or disk drive

Flux change
reflects the point where the direction of magnetisation reverses in order to define a binary digit (0 or 1)

The arrangement of a magnetic track pattern on the media. This enables the drive to store user data, and is never altered (see also low level formatting)

Form factor
industry standard that defines the dimensions of a particular device (e.g. 5.25″, 3.5″, 2.5″)

Flying Height
the height at which the head moves over the media, a lower height, equals larger areal density