Recommended 3.5 Inch 1TB Internal Hard Drives

Recommended 3.5 Inch 1TB Internal Hard DrivesRequire more storage for the games, images, music and films? An internal hard drive upgrade or perhaps a second drive might be what you’re searching for. Internal hard disk drives are utilized as primary storage in desktop Computers, work stations, and servers. Nowadays, small form factor internal hard disk drives are utilized in consumer electronic items like audio players and digital camera models too. No matter the application, this post will present a comprehensive choice of internal hard disk drive items that you should select from, from hard disk producers like Western Digital, Seagate, HItachi, LaCie, Maxtor yet others.

Bestselling 1TB Internal Hard Drives on

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache 3.5″ Internal Hard Drive
(MPN: ST31000528AS, Price: $135.99, Price: $64.99)

Review: “Drive works great i have a couple of these and have yet to have a problem. Speeds are decent. Compared to back in the day ha its not a ssd but i dont really care its for storage anyways.”

Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green 64 MB Cache Hard Drive
(MPN: WD10EARS, Price: $90.99, Price: $59.99)

Review: “plenty of space for video files and pictures and anything else that doesn’t require a very fast drive. This drive is meant to be a storage drive and not a drive to run your operating system or games on, for that get a SSD or 7200rpm drive. Other than that this is an excellent drive and is fairly quiet, hopefully it will last for many years to come!”

Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB Desktop Hard Drive
(MPN: WD1002FAEX, Price: $119.99, Price: $89.99)

Review: “Considering the price and performance, it is like the best deal on the market right now”

When choosing a hard disk, you will find two primary points to consider: speed and capacity. Budget enabling, always choose the quickest drive you are able to. Speed is measured while using Revoltions per minute figure a quicker spinning speed means greater performance, particularly in games, but could cause greater warmth and noise. The capability, measured in GB (gb), should rely on your personal storage needs. A greater capacity drive will almost always cost greater than a lower capacity drive, so an account balance must usually be struck between capacity and price. Additionally, the hard disk interface IDE, SATA, or SCSI determine a drives application: IDE and SATA for private storage and SCSI for enterprise, mission critical storage.