System BIOS and Hard Drive Related FAQs (Part II)

System BIOS 5. Why use software for translation?

Software translation is an effective, although non-conventional, means of translating large capacity hard drives so they can be utilized on older systems with older motherboards and BIOS’s. We use Maxtor hard drives almost exclusively, and they (Maxtor) furnish a driver made by StorageSoft, which is called MaxBlast. Instead of loading a driver in the start-up files, MaxBlast loads drivers before the operating system is loaded.

6. Can a hard drive be transferred to another computer without losing data?

Generally speaking no, but there are exceptions to everything. Usually there are no guarantees that a new motherboard’s BIOS will use the same translation scheme as its predecessor. We recommend that you back up your data prior to making any system changes. We also recommend that the hard drive be re-partitioned and reformatted once installed in the new system.

7. Can the translation mode or parameters in the BIOS be changed?

When a drive is partitioned, the operating system interprets the size of the drive via information provided by the BIOS. Changing the translation can cause permanent data corruption. If the original parameters are changed, they usually cannot be recovered without specialized drive manipulation software. If you do not have this software, we recommend that the hard drive be re-partitioned and reformatted.