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Solid State Hybrid Drives take game play to a whole new level

SSHD, the speed you want, the capacity you need. All in one drive. BOOT FASTER. LOAD FASTER. SHOOT FASTER. Size matters No need to sacrifice capacity for performance. Up to 4TB capacity means more room for all your games Integrated NAND Flash for top performance Download, store and stream everything… Read more »

Samsung Hard Drive PCB Circuit Boards

Samsung Hard drives that do not spin up after the power has been supplied can be diagnosed as PCB failure. Because data recovery service is very expensive, sometimes we would prefer to swap PCB ourselves. To find a matching replacement PCB, you should find out the PCB number which is… Read more »

How to clean corrosive spots on HDD PCB

How to do if you find some corrosive spots on the hard drive PCB board, as the below photo:               The spots can be easily cleaned by a rubber. Related posts: How To Completely Clean Data From Your Hard Drives And SSDs? (Part I)… Read more »

Western Digital Controller Board burnt

Question: I have a Western Digital 1TB hard disk -32MB cache, details are: Model: WD10EADS-11M2B2 Date: April 2010 Control Board Number: 2060-701640-007 REV A I am referring to the number that is etched on the board and not the one printed on the paper sticker on the board. Problem: The… Read more »

Seagate File Recovery Software

Data recovery can be a daunting process, especially when you’re just trying to recover a few files you accidentally deleted or that a virus corrupted. Try seagate risk-free trial from the comfort of your own home. You can find out whether or not the software works at a much lower… Read more »

How to fix hard drive by swapping the PCB board?

1. First, we should judge the HDD’s problem was caused by PCB or not? HDD can’t spin up. Either no sound or a short, quiet tickling sound can be heard. A burning smell can be sensed coming from the HDD or PCB. Burned components on the PCB. The HDD be… Read more »

How to find drive’s serial number & model number in MacOS X

Choose the Apple from the menu. Choose About this Mac. Choose More Info… Choose the drive type: Serial ATA Highlight the appropriate drive listed under the bus. Below you will see the model and serial number of the highlighted drive. Frequently asked questions: Can I update the firmware on my… Read more »