How you should deal with the hard disk which contains important data

If you have problems with a hard disk which contains important (valuable) data:

* any kind of manipulation with the hard disk or with software could hinder data retrieval or could cause an enormous increase of the retrieval costs.

* do not use any software, even if some guys (internet) told you to do so

* do not run chkdsk or defragmentation, even if you are told to do so

* do not open a hard disk if you don’t have the knowledge, training and the tools (even then you may expect to lose the data)

* contact a (local) DR company; supply them with complete information

* perhaps some data recovery forum could guide you to find the right Data Recovery company

Four solutions for you:
1. you are the typical user who knows all better than a pro – then try DIY – it’s your data

2. you store your hdd in a safe place for some time – until you got the money

3. you put the hdd into the garbage – you will stay poor and won’t get enough money

4. you look for a pro – even here in the data recovery forum – get an estimate on “money for data basis”