Intel RAID Controller Troubleshooting Guide: My system appears to power on, however there is no video

Check the following:

• Look for a blinking cursor in the top left corner of the screen. If the cursor is there, wait
5 minutes to determine if the system will continue the boot process.

• Your RAID controller may require the addition of a memory module. Verify that the
module is included on the tested memory list for the RAID controller. The tested
memory list is available at
Remove and reseat the memory module if memory on the card is installed in a memory

• Remove all add-in cards, including the RAID controller. See if the server boots using
only the on-board components. If successful, add the cards back in one at a time,
rebooting between each addition. This will help you determine the card that is causing
the problem.

• Listen for any beep codes and refer to your product documentation. A 1-3 beep code
from the RAID card indicates normal operation.

• Make sure the monitor is turned on and the video cable is plugged in completely. If you
are using a switch box to share a monitor between multiple servers, make sure you have
the switch set to the correct server.

If you are unable to resolve this issue, contact your customer support representative. Gather
the following information before making your phone call:

• The make and model server board and RAID controller are you using.
• The version of BIOS and firmware of the server board.
• The version of the firmware on the RAID controller.
• The PBA (Product Board Assembly) number on the board.
• The chassis and power supply the server is using.
• Note what is displayed on the monitor or any sounds emanating from the server system.